Wendy Shay believes beef in the entertainment industry is good only when it comes with attention and money.

For her, if the beef does not bring any of the two aforementioned glories, it is a complete waste of time, resources and talent.


Her assertion comes on the back of a simmering beef that is heavily brewing between Eno Barony, Sista Afia and Freda Rhymes.

These three rappers have taken a swipe at one another for the claim to the title of being the best female rapper or a complete showoff.

Wendy Shay has observed the scene for a while and believes beefing one another in the music industry is not healthy unless it comes with its attendant benefits.

She made this known in a tweet that is gaining much traction.

Wendy Shay wrote:

Beef is good it can give you all the attention but if u want to make more money and live large like me,u need to drop hit songs…Betplanet paid me millions
Her tweet has received some savage and mild responses. Read a few of them below:
Beam replied: Yoo we’ve heard you. Donate some of the money to assist the pandemic work. Thank you
Big Shedow wrote: Betplanet paid you billions soo what pin your self somewhere ..Anubom
Eric Asante wrote: Sister small time u dey brag saaaaa …… Mind urs!!
Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh