pocoo lee

Celebrated Nigerian dancer, Poco Lee has blessed his followers with words of wisdom today on Twitter.

In his tweet, he advised all and sundry whose family depend on them to stop competing with those who depend on their family.

“If your family depends on you, stop competing with people who depend on their family”, he tweeted.

His words are so true because if you’re a hustler and you’re the bread winner of your family, it takes a lot of effort to work hard to make provision for them.

But as compared to someone who is probably from a rich home, he/she gets everything easy and handy by just requesting.

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So if you a huslter tries to compete with them, you’ll end up being broke and misreable.

So instead of buying yourself that pressure, just stay in your lane.

Friends of that sort could buy the latest iPhone just as they get released. you don’t have to force yourself to buy it to prove a point. Just keep using your old phone as far as it is working fine and when the time is right, you can opt for an upgrade.

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