If your song is full banku don’t expect anyone to tell you it’s Fried Rice or Jollof – Kwadwo Sheldon to Medikal

Kwadwo Sheldon is gradually proving to be the hardest gee in the media considering the level at which he is clashing with musicians left and right.

Just weeks after dedicating his whole Yawa of the day program to go to word with Shatta Wale, the Content is not backing down his criticisms of Ghanaian musicians anytime soon and it’s Medikal’s turn to be served ahot dinner.

In another cracking video that surfaced online, Medikal angrily tells music critics how difficult it is to compose a song and the fact critics can’t hit the studio to come up With a melody makes them not qualified to criticize any musician.

Thus triggered a reaction from Kwadwo Sheldon saying one does not necessarily needs to be a musician before he or she can tell if a music is good or not. He also told Medikal not to expect anyone’s praise if he releases songs that are not good enough.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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