has quickly replied Pappy Kojo after he called for a boxing match.

In a video shared earlier, said he’ll beat Pope Skinny anytime they meet.

The ‘Ay3 Late’ hitmaker even asked for a boxing match to be organised for the two of them so that he can show Pope Skinny where the power lies.


Pappy’s anger is borne out of the fact that it was Pope Skinny that caused his TikTok account to get deleted.

Well, in response, the ‘Asuoden god’ has agreed to enter the ring with his fellow rapper.

He threatened that he’ll chew the rasta on top of Pappy’s hair when they meet.

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“The Way @pappykojo Dey Talk I Go Beat Am Sef Dey Show Say He No Fit Before Pappy I Go Chew Your Rasta All For Your Head.”, he wrote.

He again dared Pappy Kojo to choose the event for their boxing match.

“You Too Choose The Date And Venue. Its On 🔥🔥 @ameyaw112 warn your boy ooo”, he added.


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