The thieves within the led government should be prepared to be exposed by any moment from now.

Kwaku Asare Obeng known widely as hinted Ghanaians that the current government plans on spending a whooping 79 Billion Cedis on infrastructure in 2019, a move he sees as deliberate to plan loot and share among themselves.

He Wrote: “As we prepare to give government 79 bilion of our tax money to spend this year, it will be very stupid of us to wear long sleeves, sit on the fence and watch politicians and public servants waste our money on themselves, their girlfriends and spend the rest on developing their personal stomach infrastructure.”

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“HE Nana Addo, 74 years, can’t be roaming the world looking for money while young people steal it. No way!!! HE Dankwa must also empower every citizens to ask questions and demand accountability. He knew it was for his own good that is why he asked us to be citizens not spectators. He knew very well there will be thieves in his government from day one. He must take action. As? wa y? slow bi ????  added.

was very active during the 2016 Campaign playing a major role in the NPP’s government before they won the elections.

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