Former Mayor of Accra, Alfred Oko Vandepuije says he will happily say yes if John Mahama is to select him as his running mate.

Alfred Oko Vandepuije said he will gladly and happily say yes if the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) leader John Mahama is to select him as his running mate.

According to him, the whole process of selecting a running mate is the duty of party executives, however, when he is selected by John Mahama, he will put in the best to make sure the party succeeds in this year’s general elections and beyond.

Alfred Oko Vandepuije said in response to a question asked him by Bernard Avle:

“That [Selection of a running mate] is the flagbearer’s decision. I respect the fact that he is the candidate and flagbearer of the NDC. That is his decision in consultation with the party elders but if the President calls me and says Oko I want you to be my running mate, I will respectfully say yes and I will work for him because I have worked with him before and we have a good working relationship.”

The opposition NDC headed by former President John Mahama is yet to announce its running mate.