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I’ll never marry a military man because they womanise a lot – Lady


A lady on the basis of anonymity has stated her reasons for deciding never to marry a Military man.

According to her, Military men are serial womanizers.

Using her own father as an example, she remarked that he had 7 wives when he was in his prime.

She noted that her own brother was also a military man and he changed women like diapers.

Read her full comment below:

“Military men? Abena if we start talking about them we won’t sleep oh. My own father had 7 women in different towns here in Ghana. During his funeral come and see confusion when all his wives came there with the kids because some were captured on the obituary, some were not.

My mother was angry to see them there but was told we don’t speak ill of the dead. Come and see insults from one of the women oh. She mmom bore because my mother didn’t tell the family she’s also a wife (my mother knew about her but didn’t know she’d been upgraded from side CHICK to second wife)

My brother too basaaa. As for the women he changes them like changing diapers. Adjoa goes, Baaba comes. He’s slept with two sisters before and they don’t know to today. He brags with it.

Because of the uniform a lot of women chase him. He’s thick tall and very handsome. As for that my brother he’s fine paaaa and the girls just shop and bring it to him. If you open his fridge different food and drinks. He’s fine boy no dey pay.

Because of the two of them I’ll never marry a military guy. That kind broken of broken heart shall never be my PORTION”

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