Born again has responded to calls from most of her followers on Twitter to join the new nude madness called Sillhoutte Challenge.

The actress is known to be one who exposes her body to the public all in the name of fashion and American lifestyle. The fact that she is yet to come out with her version of the challenge baffles a lot of people.

In a tweet, one of Efia’s followers said to her how eagerly they are waiting for to join the challenge. “@efiaodo1 abeg do some #Sillhouttechallenge” the follower wrote.

Efia’s Response is what l believe will leave her followers wondering if she cares about people’s comments about her all this while. She made it clear she wouldn’t be joining the crazy challenge because of fears of being labeled a prostitute.

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So y’all can call me a prostitute after? I don’t think so. She replied.

Sillhoutte challenge is the new trend on social media platforms now where mostly women live on camera go completely naked with some little dancing skills under a red light.

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