A Lady is thorn between two worlds — 2 different men with different characters and specifications.

One of the guy is religious, can be trusted but he’s very lazy but he wishes to become a pastor.

The second guy is not religious, he can’t really be trusted but he’s very hardworking and optimistic about life.

So she wants our opinion on who she should chose.

Below is her full message as sent to relationship counsellor David Papa Bondze-Mbir:

“Hi Dave,

I am dating these men

First Guy: Prayerful but too religiously centered. He is jobless and seems lazy. He loves me even when I feel I don’t deserve it.

Strong security – no cheating. And he is willing to marry me. I do not really find him sexually attractive. I do not find him physically attractive. Strong Trust level.

And I have known him for 11 months now.

He wants me to become a church mother (Asafo Maame) because he is planning on becoming a Pastor (he is schooling now).

He was there when I was broken hearted, took me and brought me happiness. Decision taking/making with him is very low and slow. I am one year older than him

The second Guy: Not too prayerful, not too religious centered. He has a job and is very hardworking. He loves me as I deserve.

He is partially secure even though he hasn’t given me any reason to doubt him. He wishes to marry me but still studying me I find him sexually very attractive.

I also find him physically attractive. Shaky trust level because I have not known him for long. I have known him for just five months now. He wants me to become a working woman.

He is planning on becoming a Politician. (Actually, he is already in the line). He was there for me when I was so broke and gave me a Job. Decision making/taking is quick and high with him He is three years older than me.

Which of these two do you suggest I commit wholeheartedly to?” – From ES

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