Ghanaian songwriter and godMC, Kwame Ametepe Tsikata, popularly known as M.anifest says he has started perfecting his music production skills due to the COVID-19.

On Wednesday, M.anifest appeared on The Point of View on Citi TV to talk about his brand and how improved it has become in this difficult time.

He said he is making good use of the effect of the COVID-19 to build on his music production skills.

According to him, he is very much tired of the ‘eat and sleep’ attitude and hence needs to work on something.

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He said:

“I have had to redevelop skills as a musician. When I began my career, I was recording, mixing, and doing all my stuff at home myself. Now, as you progress in life, professionally you meet other people who are competent at it and who are now doing everything for you. Now, I am re-learning some of those tools. It’s almost like I’m back to Music 101.” 

Also, M.anifest added that:

“We have to turn tragedy to triumph. There is no way I am going to be at home and just be sleeping and eating as much as I’m tempted to instead of developing skills because life will resume.”

The industry has been rendered inactive due to the COVID-19. According to clearer checks, most Ghanaian stars are going hungry due to COVID-19.

As it stands now, Ghana’s case count has increased to 6,269.