Preacher, Philanthropist, Enterpreneur, Life Coach, Author, HR Consultant, Husband, Counsellor Brian Amoateng has apologized to Ghanaians for his comment that went wrong.

According to him in a short video that went viral, he was quoted to have said:

“We struggle to pay our rents. Where are we going to get money to buy hand sanitizers and let me tell you this, it’s not the responsibility of the Church to buy hand sanitizers  for you because you give offerings.” 

I’m sorry for my ‘it’s not the Church’s responsibility to provide hand sanitizers to its members comment.’ I was misinterpreted - Pastor Brian Amoateng

That was actually in relation to a question and answer with his Church members.

However, some media firms picked part of his over one-hour video and shared it across board to probably paint him black.

Brian Amoateng has released a new video that had him apologize and explain what he actually meant.

He stated in the video that his Church and private sectors have undertaken a lot of charity works behind the scene.

Also, the video was meant for only his Church members whom at that point were having a live discussion with him.

From how he sounded, Brian really had no bad intentions.

Watch The Video Below: