Imam of Peace has mocked Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari saying he is the senior scammer.

Imam of Peace says President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is the lead ‘scammer’ and father Hushpuppi. He tweeted a grided photo of Hushpuppi and Buhari with the caption; “Hushpuppi and Hushpapa.”

His tweet came under scrutiny from social media users who believed he could have done better.

One quizzed:

“Are the motives of @Imamofpeace genuine and only interested in calling out a government he thinks is corrupt?

Or is he just a desperate clout chaser who enjoys mocking Nigeria and seeks attention from the president of Nigeria?

What are your thoughts?”

In response, Imam of Peace said:

“1. I am mocking Buhari, not Nigeria. Learn to read. Buhari is not Nigeria.

2. I’m the western world’s most followed Imam in the history of the internet. I made your President trend globally 3 times with just 5 tweets. I don’t need “clout.”


Clearly, Buhari is the most criticized president of Africa.

See The Screenshots Below:

Imam of Peace declares Nigeria's president Buhari as the 'father' of Hushpuppi