has opened yet another Key of what some Ghanaians believed was a ploy to weaken opposition in their stronghold which is the Volta region before election 2020.

In a Facebook post a Plus said “Immediately the election ended, Western Togoland and Papavi issues ended 😑 👏🏾✌🏿

Refreshing your mind to what the issues were, before election 2020, there were series of confusion and security issues in the Volta Region.


A group known as the “Home land” group were said to be agitating for independence of Western Togoland.

This led to the blocking of roads leading to the region, mounting signpost of Western Togoland and even burning Stc coaches at Ho the regional Capital.

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The opposition accused the Government of masterminding these activities with national Security operatives, something the Government denied outright.

With this post by A Plus and how relatively calm the Volta region has been after the Election, your guess about what the controversial musician is implying is as good as mine.

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