There’s always light at the end of the tunnel for those who endlessly struggle to keep their head above the water during hard times.

This is the story of Ghanaian car dealer, Kelly Bright popularly known as Kelly B Motors. What people know him for now is to be a car dealer who trades with celebrities and renowned public figures from all walks of life.

He’s known for his expensive travels to Dubai, Singapore, among other countries.

But unbeknownst to a lot of people, the Kelly B as successful as we see him today has been through thick and thin.

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As he marks his birthday today 19th May, 2020, Celebrities Buzz has decided to do a little bit of diggings into his personal life.

From what we’ve found, Kelly B was once a Taxi driver, he drove Taxi for years hoping to make it big but things didn’t really go well for him.

kelly b taxi driver
When Kelly B was a Taxi driver

He then turned to bread-baking in Tema Community 1 at Mag Davis pastries and that also didn’t go well for him as he expected.

kelly b baker1
When Kelly B was a Baker
kelly b baker
When Kelly B was a Baker

But finally, by what he terms as ‘God’s grace and blessings’, he became a car dealer. He started from a very low level with selling small cars but today, things have improved as he sells some of the expensive cars one can imagine. And also, he deals with renowned people that he didn’t even imagine working with a few years ago.

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Kelly B has successfully built his own ‘mansion’ which is still under construction.

kelly b house
Kelly B infront of his ‘mansion’
kelly b house
Kelly B infront of his ‘mansion’

His message to every hustler out there is, “just keep it clean and keep trusting in God, your time will come and once the door opens, no one can shut it except God.”