American preacher says instead of bothering about one’s problems, the right thing is just to thank God and everything will be fine.

Trials and tribulations are two things that most Christians face in their daily lives. Are we going to give up or press on? – That is a question meant to be one’s personal decision.

While some resort to drinking and taking in highly intoxicating drugs to temporarily erase such problems from their thoughts, others continue to pray for a way out.

Joel Osteen has shared the perfect piece of advice on what to do as a Christian when faced with a problem.

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According to him, one needs to just thank God and everything will work like magic.

He tweeted”

“Instead of worrying, thinking about all the things that are wrong and what might not work out. Say “Lord thank You that there’s nothing you can’t do. There’s not a mountain you can’t move. You’re a way maker, a miracle worker, a promise keeper.”

That is a deep message to all believers.

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