UK-based Ghanaian Gospel artist, Philanthropist, Author, and Television Presenter who has multiple awards and special recognition, Dr. Sonnie Badu has got a lot of successes that the world doesn’t actually know about.

Dr. Sonnie Badu has become one of the most sought-after preachers of our time. His messages on decoding mysteries of Worship, the Blood of Jesus, Faith and Sampson has revived lives all over the world.

Sonnie Badu

He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, and author who has managed to build an expansive and illustrious global brand.

He is the CEO of over 17 businesses comprising of the Word and Worships Radio, Badu Homes, SB.UK Clothing line, just to mention a few.

Interesting successes attained by Dr. Sonnie Badu through his hard-works

With over 15 bestselling Christian books, including his bestseller “How to activate your Miracles during Worship and many hit songs,” he is undeniably one of the well-respected trailblazers in African gospel music on the global scene.

He has grown to become one of the finest young preachers of the Word and founder and lead pastor of Rockhill Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Interesting successes attained by Dr. Sonnie Badu through his hard-works

After receiving the Keys to the City of Brooklyn, New York, Doctorate in Divinity by the CICA University and seminary, the presidential lifetime achievement award, an honorary Georgia citizenship and a UN ambassador of Sacred Music (Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Special Envoy) CDSE for Word of Life Ministries International, which is the first and only full gospel organization accredited by the UN, Dr. Sonnie Badu has become the only gospel artist to receive such accolades.

Dr. Badu added to the bag of his ministerial Degrees a Bachelor in Ministry, a Masters in Christian Leadership, a Doctorate of Fine Arts in Musicology and most recently a Ph.D. in Theology from the Trinity International University of Ambassadors.

Interesting successes attained by Dr. Sonnie Badu through his hard-works

Dr. Sonnie Badu also received the keys to the city of Brentwood, Maryland at the invasion concert 2019 which seated over 7000 people, a record that has also been set by the minstrel.

He is happily married to Annie Badu and together they have 4 beautiful children.

Dr. Badu never rests but keeps on empowering lives with his charity works, sermons and at large, calm nature.

Clearly, he is a blessing for the world Gospel Ministry and will forever be much more a blessing.

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