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Ghanaian businessman and philanthropist, Patrick Mensah Nartey has advised fellow men on the need to invest in their women so that they can stay rich together.

In a Facebook post, he counselled men to stop caring for themselves alone and cater for their women and they’ll never regret it.

In his words, the CEO of PMN Group Of Companies wrote:


It’s quite Unfortunate most of this Beautiful ladies out there are unemployed; not because they don’t want to work but there’s non available due to academic qualification and who knows you syndrome at the work place.

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Most of this Lady’s are Naturally Born Entrepreneurs and Leaders; Invest in your woman and drop that Benz, Invest in your woman and Drop that Expensive Luxurious Apartment to rent, Invest in your woman and stop Clubbing every weekend, Invest in your woman and not in your Fake Friends, Invest in your woman and She will Hold you Down Forever.

THINK AND GROW RICH; cos in this Life You Only Live Once  #Hustle #Loyalty #Respect #iam_pmn1

invest in wife

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