‘iPhone, Ipad, Camera’ – Wendy Shay list the properties she has acquired since joining Rufftown Records

Wendy Shay in a new interview on TV Africa has made list of the properties she has acquired after joining Rufftown Records and fans are shocked at what she mentioned.

According to her, she can afford the latest iphone in town, she can boast of a camera and Ipad. So these are some of the things she has acquired.

Wendy said:

“I’ve got so many stuffs… too many. wow I mean I can actually buy the lastest iphone in town. I do have a lot of stuffs, camera and ipad. I mean stuffs that every girl at my age is gonna need. I do have to buy all of these things”.

Watch video below:


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People who have watched the interview said that may be Wendy Shay didn’t understand the question she was asked. So they expect her to mention things like car, house etc.

One Instagram user commented:

“Wow. She don’t need a house or car or something? Someone should please give me pen and paper??we Will meet on Adom tv”

Another also pointed out:

“I think she didn’t understand the question. If she really understand the question then she should stop music and join me in my farms because I can see am richer than her . I am a proud farmer”.

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