Harry Houdini was an international magician noted nationwide, per his outstanding performance and endurances nationally. Erik Weisz, better known as Harry Houdini, was born on March 24, 1874, which was the 24th day of the month.

During the shows, he also uses grease paint and eyeliner to accentuate facial features. Houdini is a hardened skeptic, who always has a rational answer for any seemingly supernatural event. Narcissistic and philanderer, Harry Houdini has the reputation of also being an inveterate gambler.

He always loves to go by magicians’ rules such as never telling the secret. Most people asking you to show them how a trick is done are merely curious. But this curiosity and amazement are exactly what makes magic so powerful and astonishing!

Is Harry Houdini still alive or dead?

Unfortunately, Harry is no more. He died peacefully as his last words, reportedly, were and I quote “I’m tired of fighting.” Harry may have simply ignored the fire brewing in his belly and chalked it up to a punch in the gut.

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