Mary Carillo is an American sports broadcaster, commentator, and former professional player. She was born on 15, 1957, in Queens, New York, she showed a talent for at a young age and went on to become a professional player.

Carillo’s career in started in 1970, and she achieved her greatest success as a doubles player. She won several Grand Slam doubles titles, the French Open and the Australian Open.

She also had a successful career as a singles player, reaching the quarterfinals of the US Open in 1978. After retiring from tennis, Carillo started working as a sports commentator and broadcaster. She has worked for several major networks, ESPN, NBC, and CBS.

Carillo is known for her insightful and entertaining commentary, and she has covered a wide range of sports, tennis, figure skating, and the Olympics.

Is Mary Carillo a Lesbian?

Mary Carillo is not a lesbian, she is married to Bill Bowden, who is an Australian former player, and currently a tennis instructor.


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