Is Moses Hacmon rich?

Moses Hacmon is an Israeli architect and artist. He was the recipient of the President Award in 2001, a distinction he received for his outstanding academic performance. Moses Hacmons’ wife is the controversial American YouTube celebrity Trisha Paytas. Hila Klein, an Israeli-American and noted for co-creating the YouTube channels h3h3Productions, is his older brother.

Moses gained notoriety following the 2013 release of his debut album, “Faces of Water,” which quickly established itself as his masterpiece. The artwork was displayed to the world at “The Hub” in Los Angeles’ art exhibition, where it received a deal of acclaim. Moses has spent the last 15 years creating and producing video projections in addition to his artwork for theatrical productions and art exhibitions headquartered in Los Angeles and New York.

The attractive celebrity girlfriend of Moses Harmon is currently Trisha Paytas. The American musician and YouTuber Paytas is well-known. The 33-year-old blonde is well-known on social media but has also made appearances in a number of movies and television shows. In March 2020, they started dating.

After Paytas accepted Moses’ proposal on December 25, 2020, the couple became engaged and later got hitched in late 2021. The couple revealed in February 2022 that they were expecting their first child. However, neither the baby’s due date nor their stage of pregnancy are known.

Moses previously wed a woman by the name of Deborah Cluff. But the pair got a divorce in 2008. He remarried, this time to a woman by the name of Elizabeth Marle.

The unknown is the date of their nuptials, although they in 2018. Official sources claim that Moses was also romantically involved with Mercury, an Instagram influencer. Regarding his children, he has not made any disclosures.

Is Moses Hacmon rich?

Yes, Moses is rich, the estimated net worth of Israeli Moses is $600,000.


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