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Is Shatta Wale married? – Find out answer

Is Shatta Wale married?

Is Shatta Wale married? — This is the question a lot of fans are asking. The answer is NO! The African dancehall king, Shatta Wale is not married.

He proposed marriage to his baby mama Shatta Michy at the launch of his Reign Album. But that proposal didn’t materialise into marriage.

It was later revealed by Michy that the proposal was fake — and that it was just for hype. Soon after, they have separated. The two however have a song together called Shatta Majesty.

Aside from Michy, Shatta Wale has other baby mamas. His first baby mama gave birth to their daughter called Cherissa. That is Shatta’s first child and daughter.

So just know Shatta Wale is not married.

In March 2021, Shatta Wale disclosed that he is not in hurry to marry.

“I am not in a hurry but I believe at the right time, when the time is right, I will marry.

“I want someone who will be my friend, I don’t want to put anyone in a box, so I will go in for someone who is free to do what she wants but she should just keep me in the known,” Shatta Wale stated on TV3.


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