A guy who wanted to eat Spaghetti and grilled chicken ended up weeping.

A guy who saw Spaghetti and grilled chicken online tried ordering it, and he ended up getting grilled meat with a low-budget spaghetti.

He shared the heartbreaking photos on Twitter, and it gathered a huge interaction.

Some told him it is just the same food he ordered, but it was just his camera that was poor for the shot.

A few of the comments on the photo reads:

  • Try Snap am with iPhone under the sun
  • Ebe the same thing…The second picture,ebe the camera quality wey eno good that be why the food dey look like that
  • The only difference is the camera
  • I think that’s exactly what you ordered. One is an iPhone camera, the other is an Android camera. What you did do is eat it and while eating, just have the picture of the one taken with an iPhone camera so that the food can go down well in your system. Shea you get, Selah
  • Did you add filter? If no, you should add you will get the first frame
  • You sef use iPhone snap am under sun
  • Lol take what you got to Camera360 and edit it

See the screenshot below:

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See the photos Below:

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