Frederic Badji, Princess Shyngle’s boyfriend, is broken-hearted after she left him clearly for another man.

Frederic Badji and Princess Shyngle weeks ago were the hottest lovers in town. The two have been spotted on numerous occasions together making love and shopping for expensive items.

Their affair ended in tears with one being the most hurt.

Frederic Badji has taken to social media to tell the world that Princess Shyngle has left him for no reason.

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 Princess Shyngle's boyfriend

He revealed that since Princess is very busy telling the world about their businesses, she should also gather a similar courage to tell everyone that they are no more.

“Since you’re telling the world about our business and our life why did you forget to tell everyone that you’ve left me, and blocked me from connecting you.

Tell everyone that you refused to marry me and left me for no reason Princess. I know you will log into my account and delete this post but I honestly don’t care. And I’m not gonna stop until you explain to me why you left.”

As predicted, the post was indeed deleted by Shyngle.

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Meanwhile, Princess recently had a miscarriage after she was impregnated by Badji.

See The Screenshot Below:

 Princess Shyngle's boyfriend