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“It was silly to me to attend university” – Kofi Jamar.

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Kofi Jamar savagely replies fan for asking the university he attended.

Derrick Osei Kuffuor Prempeh who performs by the stage name “Kofi Jamar” is a Ghanaian singer from Bantama, a town in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

He is one of the sought-after new artist in Ghana currently after his song “Ekorso”, which he released in late 2020 made a big hit.

In most of his posts on social media, he normally speaks as a matured person with much experience life.

This made a twitter user questioned the new artist about the university he attended, for he is intellectual.

However, the reply from Kofi Jamar wasn’t expecting, as it implies some sort of disrespect to university graduates.

According to him, he could have attended the university but he sees it as a silly thing because, the whole world is just a city to him.

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