Tunji Adeleke
Tunji Adeleke

What you hear most youths of today say is ‘education is scam, going to school is not needed, once you hustle you’ll make it, most millionaires and billionaires were school drop outs, etc’.

Well, singer ’s cousin, Tunji Adeleke, has a word of advice to all those people who hold this mindset.

According to him in a tweet, it’s better to have a degree and not need it than need it and not have it.


The tweet has garnered a lot of reactions with people replying in agreement.

Indeed, there’s no need to rush in life. If your parents want you to pursue a certain course in school and you have your own interest, there’s no need to rush.

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Just finish the school, put the certificate aside, and move on to your own hustle and pray you succeed.

Mind you, if you do not succeed in your own hustle, at least you can make a better use of your certificate.

It’ll be risky not to have anything to fall on because life is unpredictable.

If your hustle fails and you have nothing to depend on, this is what may force you to get involved in any means possible to survive — and this mostly leads to trouble.

Stay woke and be wise!

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