Actress Emelia Brobbey hasn’t being lucky at all in her marital life—she married twice but all the two marriages took a nose dive and ended abruptly.

It has  been reported that she cheated on the first husband with the second husband who was even already married. The second husband later divorced her on infidelity grounds.

Nana Ama and Emelia Brobbey

Well, in a video cited by our friends at, Nana Ama Mcbrown is heard encouraging Emelia Brobbey not to give up on love and at the right time, a good man will come her way and sweep her off her feet.

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It all started when Emelia Brobbey jokingly asked Mcbrown why she loves the husband soo much like that. Mcbrown explained that this is her first marriage and besides she is not a second wife so she deserves to enjoy the marriage to the fullest.

She later talked about how every woman should be blessed with a good marriage. Emelia requested for the same blessing and Mcbrown went on about how she should be encouraged because she will meet the right man at the right time

Watch the video below:

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