Bridget Otoo has given some advice to Ghanaian actors who are campaigning against their industry mate at the Ayawaso west constituency.

John Dumelo is seeking a chance to be a law maker in Ghana’s parliament but not everyone thinks he is up to the task, including some of his industry mates. Some also do not want him to win not because they think he doesn’t deserve it but simply because of their political affiliations.

Bridget Otoo, who publicly declared her love for NDC thinks actors who campaigns against Dumelo are just telling voters that,they (actors) shouldn’t be considered in serious services for the nation because they ain’t built for it.

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“If you are an actor campaigning in Ayawaso against John Dumelo, it isn’t such a smart move, you’re indirectly telling voters not to consider people like yourself cos you’re not built for serious works” Bridget Noted

She added that, no matter the political affiliations, one does not need to campaign at Dumelo’s constituency as an actor, for the benefit of Dumelo because he represents the acting industry.

“By all means Campaign but choose a better spot! Even if you do not agree with his party or politics, he still represents your industry and gives it a positive face”

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