Ever since won the Best International Flow award at the just ended BET Hip-hop awards 2019, scores of celebrities have done their best to congratulate him except .

A lot of people have accused the Dancehall musician of having hatred towards Sark.

Well, Shatta Wale speaking on why he didn’t congratulate the rapper said:

“I don’t think it’s necessary…yes award is award, I don’t see award like something that will get me money into my account…I don’t see it like it’s important,”.

“He’s not the only person who has gone to BET. Samini went there and others too did so I’m not going to be wowed by this”.,

People are blasting Shatta Wale for making such comments. People think he’s simply jealous of Sarkodie.

But a Sarkodie fan has come out to defend Shatta saying that it isn’t by force for him to congratulate the ‘Saara’ hitmaker.

And that there are better things to discuss instead of worrying Shatta Wale on why he didn’t congratulate his fellow musician.

Below is the comment made by Khonscyouz Blaadirich on Celebrities Buzz’s Facebook page:

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“I’m Proudly #SarkNative and I do like Shatta too but the fact that he’s not my favorite artist doesn’t mean I should condemn him in everything.
Ghana likes tolerating of trashes too much ,is it a force to congratulate some one for winning an award, though it’s nice and beautiful for congratulating but it’s not force .

Winning BET makes you special than somebody anaa??
We all having bloods ,we all special with God’s grace but some people want others to worship them like they are God why? It’s hard time for us to think about better issues and things that will bring food to our table and monies not other irrelevant things. SARK is making his own money for his family not we the fans so we got to think about good issues .
We are suffering for our own self Cox no #Celebrity will tell you to stop hustling and will cater for your needs .
#ProudSarkNative!!! 🔥🔥 #BitterTruth🔥🔥😍”

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