Let me start off by saying it may not be illegal to give out some other person’s mobile number without their permission.

It is for instance not illegal in the US.

Although “white pages” phone directories have pretty much disappeared, telephone numbers are public unless one pays their Telco for a private, which is a nonpublished telephone number.

But please just know that it’s not okay to share someone’s number without them granting you permission to do so.

Even if it was my mother asking for my siblings’ numbers, I’d check with them to ask why she didn’t already have it and if it was ok. Who knows if any bad blood had been spilled or something? It’s an extreme situation, but that’s where my mind goes.

Sometimes the person you give out the number to ends up bombarding the third party’s phone with unnecessary calls and messages — which is very annoying.

Some people also after getting the number from you may have a bad intention — in Ghana, for instance, some mobile money fraudsters use numbers of others for their dubious acts.

Now, imagine that weird feeling of receiving calls from people you’re not expecting calls from. It’s just very exasperating.

Even if you should give out someone’s contact without their consent, you can let them know afterward that you’ve given their numbers so that they can be able to handle it when an unknown number calls them.

And also if someone just casually asked for it though I would say “let me get yours and I’ll tell them to get with you”.

Well, there could be some exceptions anyway — for example in the case of emergency.

And also if giving out the number is for a business deal which will bring you money, I’ll willingly do it.

But also, I must let you know I gave out your number so that you can know how to handle it when a strange number calls.

What do you personally think of someone giving out your number without your consent? Please let’s hear from you in the comment section below!!!


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