A loyal Shatta Movement fan, Kwessy Jay Ansah in a viral video has dished out a piece of advice to his boss, Shatta Wale.

In his humble submission, Mr. Ansah noted that it’s time for Shatta Wale to concentrate on a wider market.

According to him, Shatta Wale has the potential to blow across borders.

Hence, the African Dancehall King need to now focus on how to promote his good music and his brand in other African countries.

And after he conquers Africa, he can now look at how to conquer the world at large.

Read his full caption to the video below:

Massa saying the truth can make people bitter about you,but if what others think is not what the exact situation is why do you get scared of saying it ?

#Shattawale has paid his dues to the street and has gain the love of the street which makes the brand look good and dominating in Ghana, which we all know is a comfort zone.

#Shattawale has good projects which I think is good enough to compete with the rest of our counterparts.

1. Is he doing that well per his works ?

2. Is the team doing enough work on the grounds in connection with selling the brand as our counterparts are doing ?

3. Is the team taking note of what some fans passes accross to them in connection with him working with others outside Ghana(Africa)? To help finish the Africa project.

4. Is the team monitoring the performance of digital sales, to be able to determine whether we’re making progress or not? Bcos someway ,somehow I see some decline in performance.

5. Is the team Going to stick to the old strategy or adopt new STRATEGIES?

6.Is the team not considering building active reps accross?

Few questions that I have on my mind for now . A lot more research has gone into coming up with this few questions eventhough I have some few more .”

Watch the video below:

[arve url=”https://bypapaga.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/cab39462-e5ca-4dd0-a879-754bfadc6571.mp4″ align=”center” /]