Son of the first president of , Sekou Nkrumah has thrown a shade at the party and its flagbearer, .

This is one of the millionth times that he has jabbed the NDC party and Mahama.

This time, he’s of the view that Mahama is not the right person to lead NDC in the presidential race.

So if they truly want to win, then they should go for someone else and come back to contest later, only then would they possibly win.


According to him, Ghanaians still remember how incompetent NDC was in managing the country hence it will be best to change Mahama and come back later.

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“NDC should wait for another four years! Change Mahama, and come back strong!” He wrote. In a series of posts, he called on the NDC to change its candidate because Ghanaians still remember.
“It baffles me that the NDC leadership thinks Ghanaians have forgotten so soon their corrupt and incompetent eight years in government (under Mills and Mahama)? Why the leadership was not changed for 2020 is another mystery?”

Again, following the NDC’s rating of NPP at 14%, Sekou Nkrumah advised the NDC to rather concentrate on what they can do not where NPP has failed.

“…. But on a serious note, I think Ghanaians are more interested in what NDC has to offer and not what NPP has not!

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Again how can they convince us that with the same leadership we will not have the same corruption we had under them? Personally I have not forgotten the rot at NYEP and the subsequent jailing of the boss over there!“

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