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Ivorian pastor announces that he can resurrect DJ Arafat


“God told me to do this live and wait for a period of 5 days, that is to say by Friday at the latest, that I get in touch with the family of Dj Arafat. If the family of Dj Arafat calls me at once I will leave and whatever the number of formol they put in the body of Arafat, the Lord Jesus will resurrect it “, declares the pastor Koffi Duchrist in his video available on his facebook page

Since the broadcast of this video, comments are going well on social networks. For some this true-false pastor one is affabulating in search of buzz on the internet.

Koffi Duchrist

For others, however, it costs nothing to try this option offered by God to Ivorians and fans of the artist.

The pastor in another video displays his serenity and his faith in God to perform this miracle. Only condition: to have the permission of the biological family of the artist and Minister Hameb Bakayoko godfather of DJ Arafat.

“I get the impression that there are people who do not like arafat revive, I have the impression that there are wizards in this business, so stay calm, I’ll tell you, because when God has opened a door nobody can shut it up Arafat will get up and take the microphone to sing. ” added the pastor who enjoys the support of some of his pairs. Meanwhile this Friday midnight, the “Chinese” are on the alert, the “St. Thomas” waiting to see, and everyone is hanging on the lips of this pastor who wants to achieve a feat. Is it not said that the ways of God are unfathomable?

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As a reminder, the artist DJ Arafat has died since August 12th following a traffic accident in Abidjan, the Ivorian capital.

Watch video below:

Source: Abidjan.net

As it stands, DJ Arafat’s funeral date has been set.

You can see here what Former President Gbagbo have to say about DJ Arafat.

In related issues, DJ Arafat’s mother went to deposit flower wreath at the place of the accident

As it stands, a young man is very happy with the death of DJ Arafat.

However, Nigerian musician, Davido has also pledged to take take care of his kids for their life time.

Here are also photos of the lady and the car in which his motor crashed.

You won’t believe what happened when DJ Arafat had his last meal with his family.


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