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J Derobie has ‘stupidly’ refused to drop new songs

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Derrick Oboubie Jnr,  known by his stage name J.Derobie became a great discovery in the Ghana Music Industry in 2019.

The Industry is chocked with a lot of upcoming musicians of which most of them do not possess the uniqueness to stand out.

But J Derobie came out with a new style. His easy flowing vocals and smooth, melodious voice made us all fall in love with him.

He came with Poverty and with the help of Mr Eazi under Empawa music, this song blew across the world. Even though they did a shoddy work with the promotion of the remix which features Popcaan, the song landed him on good grounds to enable him to establish his name.

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After Poverty, J Derobie released Irie, Sesia, Odo Bra and he did a collabo with Gemini Orleans on Tempted and another feature with Jay So on Gwan Now.

Every musician has his or her plans when it comes to when and how to release his songs.

However, when you have people craving for your songs, it’s advisable to keep blessing their ears with some good tunes from time to time.

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But J. Derobie has ‘stupidly’ refused to drop any new songs. All he does now is to take beautiful photos and post them on social media for likes.

Even his Odo Bra song came as a disappointment to many since he switched far away from his normal style.

It’s good to be versatile but then consistency in what people know you for is key to remaining relevant in the music industry.

Those close to J. Derobie should better advise him to wake-up from his sleep.

I’m just concerned because his talent is rare.



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