Jennie Kim Height And Weight

The name Jennie Kim, was born in Cheongdam dong, South Korea. Kim was known to be one of the best singers and rappers nationwide. She is decorated to be one of the best professionals internationally. Jennie was born and raised in Auckland before going back to high school.

Kim, however, joined YG Entertainment as a trainee as soon as she arrived in Seoul, South Korea, in 2010. She actually behaved like a well-behaved child who respected all adults, regardless of their age. Jennie was born on the 16th of January, in the 1996, having her city as Cheongdam-dom. A of South Korea.

As a professional and an international singer and a rapper, she has the ability to control the vocals when it comes to stage performances, with regards, her performances and presentations cannot be ignored. Most fans and followers can’t take off their eyes when she is delivering.

Jennie Kim Height And Weight

Currently, Kim’s height is 1.65m tall while she weighs around 47kg to 49 since in day out, there are transitions that occurs in the hman body.


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