Jennie Kim husband: Is Jennie Kim married?

Jennie Kim, also known by her stage name Jennie, is a famous South Korean singer and rapper. Jennie has been a prominent member of the female K-pop band “Black Pink” under YG Entertainment since August 2016. Jennie Kim is also famous for her vocals and dancing in genres like hip-hop, -pop, and k-pop. In the year 2018, Jennie released her solo debut titled “Solo” with YG Entertainment.

jennie-kim-husband-is-jennie-kim-marriedJennie Kim’s husband: Is Jennie Kim married?

As of now, Jennie Kim is single and unmarried. Jennie was rumoured to be dating Teddy park a member of 1TYM 2017EXO’s kai. Recently she was once again rumoured to be dating BIGBANG’s G- in 2020. This singing sensation was born on January 16, 1996, in Anyang, South Korea.

After completing her intermediate level, Jennie moved to ACG Parnell College. Kim Jennie also to be a ballet dancer. While residing in Auckland, Jennie developed an interest in YG Entertainment. And at the age of 14, she was signed by YG Entertainment.


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