‘Jesus Christ is greater than Muhammed; the Qur’an confirms it’ – Former Muslim scholar admits

    'Jesus Christ is greater than Muhammed; the Qur'an confirms it' - Former Muslim scholar admits

    Just like the comparison between Ronaldo and Messi never stops, the comparison between Jesus Christ and Muhammed as to who is the greatest never dies.

    This argument has been given a fresh spark by a former Muslim scholar who has converted to Christianity.

    According to Al Fadi, Jesus Christ, who is the center of the Christian faith, is greater than Muhammed, who is the center of the Muslim faith.

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    Al Fadi, went on to clarify his position by stating that the death of Jesus Christ brought life while the death of Muhammed brought nothing but death.

    His view was shared on Facebook and it has since garnered a lot of attention.

    Al Fadi was once a Muslim who has turned Christian and is propagating the message according to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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    1. Muhammad s.A.w is greater than jesus because jesus sent to the specific people (israel) while muhammad sent to the whole world he (all creatures)
      But the greater is God not jesus not muhammad nor others but God nose best


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