Jesus never died, he married Mary Magdalene and gave birth to 5 kids – Prophet Ajagurajah

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Growing up in Sunday School, we’ve been taught that Jesus Christ who’s the Saviour of the world and the Son of the Most High God after he was crucified on earth rose to heaven on the third day. And that he’ll be coming back again for HIS followers who lived in truth and in righteousness.

Well, contrary to what we’ve been taught over these years, one Bishop Albert Kwabena Asiamah who is the founder and leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach (AJagurajah Movement) has come out to say that Jesus Christ never died.

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In an interview with Zionfelix, he said the Savior of the World never died but instead, he was replaced by another person.

He noted that the ‘Son of man’ married Mary Magdalene and they gave birth to five kids and that they’re descendants of France.

AJagurajah Movement leader also said as a ‘matter-of-fact’ that Jesus Christ died at the age of 120.

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This and many other shocking revelations were made by the clergyman during the interview.

Watch the video below:

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