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JHS leaver who bragged that her seniors cannot punish her gets ‘cornered’ after arrival in Boarding house


There’s a viral video on social media that sees a young lady getting the opposite of what she asked for before going to the boarding house in SHS.

The JHS leaver who identified herself as Queenda bragged that she just completed JHS and she got admission to Methodist Girls Senior High School (MEGHIS).

But before she steps on campus, she’s sending a warning to her seniors that when she comes, they dare not treat her like a small girl.

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Below were her words:

“…I just completed JHS and I am going to SHS. I got MEGHIS. Yeah. And…okay I want to tell you guys something. The form 2 sisters and form 3 sisters, when I get to the school, you can’t come and tell me to wake up at 4 oclock or 5 oclock to go and scrub the gutter. I can wake up 7 oclock or 8 oclock, go get my bath and go to class. YOu can’t come and do any bunch talking. Hope you’ve gotten that?”

Now, few weeks after getting to the school, her seniors who probably saw the viral video of her bragging decided to teach her a lesson.

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The once vibrant JHS leaver with sharp teeth all of a sudden became very humble.

Celebrities Buzz has learned that the seniors who punished her are old students who were present at the moment in the school.

Watch the video below:


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And it ended in tears

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This is very funny. But then, I think bullying shouldn’t be encouraged in schools. The young ones must also learn how to respect their seniors.


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