Joint 77 replies Shatta Wale for mocking his grammatical mistake

Joint 77 has sharply replied Shatta Wale for mocking his grammatical mistake which he made during his recent interview on Vibes In 5 TV show.

In the video, Joint 77 struggled to make a sentence on why he left Shatta Movement camp.

Shatta Wale after watching the video has taken to his Facebook handle to mock his former signee.

The dancehall musician said Joint did not graduate from school but followed his fan fool friends so that’s why he can’t speak simple English language.

He wrote:

“If you go school wey u no graduate wey you make your friends fan fool you say you reach, you will be like “i wouldnt left””

Watch the hilarious video below:

Soon after Joint 77 has seen the of his former mocking him, he has also taken to his Facebook handle to reply.

He wrote:

“Hate is too great a burden to bear, It injures the HATER more than the HATED!!!
From every WOUND there is a SCAR, and every SCAR tells a STORY..We all have stories untold!!!

It is WISE to direct your anger and frustrations towards your problems, NOT people who are FOCUSED!!!

Lastly, DO NOT BOAST of POWER, because does not last forever!!!

KINGS and LEADERS are born every day!!!

Only JAH can BLESS!!!!!

Now the WORLD has witnessed your TRUE COLORS!!! I shock give chairman Charles SM people, I shock!!! W’anyi m’ayE a, mEnseE me din? #YouDeyBleed #TheyCantStandTheHeat #IDeySpeedUp #NoBadEnergy #77BATTALIONS #WeMove #OnlyJahCanStopOurShine #ForwardEver ??????

joint 77


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