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Judge Patrick Vella cause of death, wife, children, obituary


Patrick Vella was a retired Judge from Malta. He became a lawyer in 1967 and earned a Magister Juris in European Law in 1996. Two years later Vella was appointed judge after serving as magistrate for 12 years.

Patrick Vella became more popular after being charged with bribe issues together with former Chief Justice Noel Arrigo.

Both were charged with accepting bribes, trading in influence and revealing official secrets in connection with a judgment handed down by the Court of Criminal Appeal, which they both presided over, against drug trafficker Mario Camilleri.

Judge Patrick Vella cause of death

As of now, his cause of death still remains unestablished. He died at age 78.

Judge Patrick Vella wife

Patrick Vella is known to be a married man but his wife’s name is actually unavailable.

Judge Patrick Vella children

Patrick Vella has two children but their identity is unknown.

Judge Patrick Vella obituary

His obituary, funeral and other related activities are yet to be held.


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