In the wake of the unprofessional attitude of most health practitioners at public health facilities in Ghana which has led and still leading to the death of many…death which could have been averted, many are sharing their horrible experiences.

One of these people is Ghanaian Sports Journalist with TV3, Juliet Bawuah.

According to Juliet, she once had an unpleasant experience at the Ridge Hospital in Accra where nurses who were supposed to be attending to the needs of their patients were sitting aloof and unbothered.

Juliet Bawuah – Tackling football in heels
Juliet Bawuah

In narrating her experience on Twitter, she said these nurses were watching Facebook videos while patients in the Emergency Centre of the Hospital were begging for attention as they quietly lose their lives with no one to lend a helping hand.

She wrote:

I had a very terrible experience at the emergency unit of the Ridge Hospital last year. Someone is about losing a life and nurses were unbothered. Some were watching Facebook videos.
Many Ghanaians are naming and shaming health facilities in the country who lackadaisical towards human life with no sense of urgency and a gross display of unprofessionalism.
Ghanaians are calling for a reform in our health sector since the system and the individuals running it is losing more lives than they are actually meant to save.