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Junior US breaks silence on his fight with Showboy that got him imprisoned

Junior US, the guy who was stabbed by Showboy has finally broken silence on the 6 years sentence handed over to Showboy yesterday after they appeared in court.

According to Junior US originally known as Nana Yaw Opoku, he never pressed charges against Showboy but instead Showboy did by reporting him to authorities that he has robbed him.

He cleared himself by revealing that Showboy was also jailed for using a weapon which is a crime in Georgia State after defending himself.

Showboy and Junior US had a fierce fight over money sent to the former by Criss Waddle through Junior.

“This case started three years ago and he was fighting against Georgia state. I never pressed charges against Showboy, I never wrote any statement against him but he rather wants to take me to jail.

Showboy believes I don’t have papers so I can’t take him to court and that he has Lawyers to defend him. Everything started when Criss Waddle sent me to go give some money to Showboy which resulted in a misunderstanding and ended up stabbing me.

Showboy accused me of robbery so I went to court to defend myself and not to cause his arrest.

I received a letter from Georgia state claiming I went to rob Showboy so I had to defend myself because he was accusing me wrong. He caused his own prison sentence”, he disclosed.

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