Just In: Sonnie Badu never said he received Masters Bachelors and PHD in 4 months

Dr Sonnie Badu has been cyber-bullied for some time now over his enviable academic fate and it is just soo worrying.

Whiles other African countries would him and use him as a point of reference and mentorship to the younger generations aspiring to attain higher heights, the is different in his motherland.

Just as a social media user fabricated false news on his with regard to him bagging 3 degrees in a space of 4 months (false allegations), comes the actual truth.

Many people are wondering how the leader and founder of the Rockhill Church managed to achieve such a fate. After a while of research, we found the following details:

  • Rage Masters in Christian Leadership and Bachelors in Ministry are his field of expects.
  • The Honorary Doctorate in Musicology, he did not have to buy it as his hard work got it.
  • Lastly, he took 3 years to work on my PhD in Philosophy (which has been subjected to public debate).

Meanwhile, Sonnie Badu’s lawyers are preparing to take a action against all those peddling false news on him.

Source:  Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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