To Sarkodie, Kanye West was not reduced to virtually anything when he was screaming years ago that he was broke – He actually had some cash in his account.

CEO of SarkCess Music Michael Owusu Addo says long thinkers like Kanye West feel scared when they noticed their future isn’t secured. He explained that when Kanye West was complaining of being broke, he actually had some cash in his account but that wasn’t enough for him in future.

Sarkodie explained that long thinkers usually panic when the future looks shaky in terms of finances because the goal isn’t about themselves only but a generational thing.

He tweeted:

“Kanye was screaming broke , not cos he had no money in the bank but most long term thinkers panic when they feel the future is not secured … it ain’t about just you but the goal is “generational”.”

He also said thinking longterm sometimes become stressful but it helps a lot.

He wrote:

“Thinking long term sometimes can freak you out but sometimes it’s best to freak out so you can prepare for what’s ahead …”

That may be the reason why he saves his little and avoids lavish spending as compared to other artists.

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'Kanye West was screaming he was broke not because he had no money in his account. He is a long thinker & felt the future was not secured' - Sarkodie