Kelvynboy crashes his newly bought customised Range Rover

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Kelvynboy crashes his newly bought customised Range Rover

Kelynboy has crashed his Range Rover car that he bought just a few weeks ago.

In a video circulating on social media, the ‘Mea’ hitmaker could be seen exchanging words with the driver he crashed into.

The driver whose face wasn’t captured in the video was blasting Kelyvnboy, putting all the blame on him for being the cause of the minor accident.

The musician in retaliation asked him to calm down because the fault wasn’t his. Kelvin Brown as he’s known in real life told the driver that anger cannot change what has already happened even though his tone suggested that he was actually getting angry.

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The former Burniton Music signee also promised to fix the damage caused.

Be patient, why are you acting like I intentionally crashed your car? Just calm down. Getting angry will not solve the situation. I didn’t even insult you so why are you talking like that?“, Kelvynboy said.

A few people who were around calmed Kelynboy down to prevent him from also getting fired-up.

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A couple of police officers were also seen at the scene trying to maintain order.

Watch the video below:

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