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Politicians cannot take care of your kids after you enjoyed your orgasm alone – Kennedy Agyapong

is angry with his fellow politicians with how they pamper their electorates to become over-dependent on the benevolence them for help.

Speaking angrily in a new interview, he said some people give birth and name the kids after popular politicians.

And they expect that once they name their babies after these politicians, they should be given money or some sort of help.


Ken Agyapong said because most politicians do not want to look stingy or bad in the eyes of people, they go ahead to give money to some of these parents.

But this is not supposed to be so because politicians don’t get paid any better for them to be helping in trivial issues all the time.

The Assin Central Member of Parliament said people come to him as far as from Sefwi in the Western North Region to tell him they’ve named their children after him just so they can get money from him; such acts he believes should not be condoned going forward.

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Mr. Agyapong believes it is high time Members of Parliament especially condemn such acts on the part of some parents and ensure that parents are responsible for their children because that will wean them off some of the unnecessary pressure they get from their constituents.

“You foolishly sleep with a woman, have good sex with her and you foolishly bring the child to me that you’ve named her after me so I should take care of the child. I’ve over 200 kids that have been named after me. When you were making love with your wife, did you mention Kennedy Agyapong name? Stupid, we are not bold to criticize these things.”

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