Lawmaker, Kennedy Agyapong has mentioned the names of all his 22 children on live TV.

Before doing that, he explained how he became a polygamous man. Ken noted that growing up as a kid, he has always said that when he grows, he’ll marry from all over the world and Ghana. His wives shall be from different backgrounds so that when he dies, he’ll have different cultures attending his funeral.

This was just a mere childhood dream but it came to pass in his life.

Elaborating more on why he allows every kid of his to be born, the CEO of Kencity Media said he’s against abortion. So any time he has an affair with a woman and she gets pregnant, he won’t allow her to abort the child.

Agyapong explained that when he was in the womb of his mother, she was advised to abort him which didn’t happen. But today, he that they wished was aborted has become the breadwinner of the family. That’s why he sees abortion as the termination of somebody’s destiny.

He added that even if he sleeps with a prostitute and she gets pregnant, he’ll accept it and take care of the baby and mother.

The Hosts of the Upside Down show where he was interviewed on Citi TV then asked the father of 22 to list the names of all his children which he did.

Check out the names below:

ken agyapong

Watch the video below: