Kennedy Agyapong poses with his 2 luxurious Rolls Royce cars

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agyapong cars

Maverick Politician and Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong in a new photo was seen posing with two of his luxurious Rolls Royce cars.

The controversial law maker has been always said to be super rich.

However, he doesn’t make display of his luxury but he’s known to have several houses and rides in expensive cars.

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This latest photo of him is an evidence that he indeed lives the best of flashy life.

Mr Agyapong has by himself said sometime ago, that aside American politician Michael Bloomberg who has a networth of 47.4 billion as at 2019, he’s richer than any other American MP.

Below is photo of Kennedy Agyapong posing with his two Rolls Royce.

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One customised with his name KEN 50-10.

kennedy agyapong cars

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