Kenyan Man Give A Chinese Man The Hardest Slap In History For Calling Him A Monkey


A Chinese man insulted a Kenyan man in his own country and all hell broke lose.

The Chinese, who was in Kenya, called a Kenyan man twice his size “Nugu” which means monkey. They were at a supermarket when this happened but that didn’t stop the Kenyan man from taking laws into his hands.

The Kenyan man dragged the racist Chinese away from the counter to a less crowded place and delivered a slap. As he tried to deliver another, others intervened.

Watch the video below.

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  1. He should have beaten the hell out of him . Stupid Chinese. They think because their government has given loans to some African governments they are welcomed and can do anything . Always best the hell out of them if they insult you. I don’t have that much strength now at my age but I will not tolerate any person calling me a monkey.


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